What is the RotoFeed?

The RotoFeed is a totally free RSS service that aggregates all the best fantasy baseball blogs, columns and podcasts into a single, real-time feed.

You can view the news from the feed in a browser or use one of the many RSS readers available, from Google Reader and NetVibes to applications like FeedReader. To automatically get your updates via RSS, just click here or on the subscribe button to the right.

You can even follow The RotoFeed on Twitter!

The RotoFeed Dashboard puts hundreds of news bites on rotisserie baseball on a single pane of glass. Click here to open in a new window or tab to try it.

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RotoFeed Recommended by Wired

The RotoFeed started out in 2006 as a little secret weapon for one fantasy baseball player. He shared it with a few friends, who convinced him to put it online for others. One day not too long later, a Wired.com editor found it through a Google search. The next day, there were hundreds of users. Talk about the phrase, "if you build it, they will come..."
"Fantasy team captains -- stop getting toasted in trades! Get yourself a RotoFeed widget. RotoFeed is an indispensable RSS service that collects news, blog posts and podcasts about all things fantasy baseball." -Wired.com, April 2, 2007 read the full article

"I stumbled upon RotoFeed sometime last night, and I had one of those 'Why didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner?' moments... Seriously, I wish I would have known about this last season."
- RotoNation, Derrick Eckardt, February 28, 2008